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Chocolate cottage cheese pancakes

Publicerad 2013-03-11 13:32:41 i Mat recept / Food recipes

1 dl fiber havregryn
4 msk Alpro soya choklad (mandelmjölk, vanlig mjölk)
1 dl keso
2 tsk kakao
1-2 msk stevia
3 äggvitor
1 ägg

Blanda havre till mjöl, häll sedan allt tillsammans och blanda. Ta 1/2dl i pannan och stek den på svag värme.

1 dl oats
4 msk alpro soya chocolate (almond milk, regular milk)
1 dl cottage cheese
2 tsk cacao
1-2 msk stevia
3 egg whites
1 egg

Mix the oats to flour, then pour everything together and mix. Take 1/2dl in the pan and fry it on low heat.


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