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March Madness Challenge

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You asked for it! So here it is! This is a collaboration between myself "misskenving" and "forever_fitness" on instagram! It is a two part challenge. The first challenge is clean eating and the second is exercise. I'll explain both.......

1.No grains or dairy for AT LEAST two weeks of this challenge. And I know a lot of you will be worried about not eating carbs, but let me tell you you'll still be eating carbs! Carbs are also found in fruits, legumes, and vegetables as a lot of us forgot. Grains not to eat include: rice, bread, pasta, oats, wheat, anything with flour. Dairy is also off limits! This includes: yogurt, milk, cheese, anything of that nature. BUT you may still have coconut milk, almond milk, or soy milk if you wish!!

2. Exercise challenge! The calendar tells you what to do each day! If you don't know what an exercise is, you can look it up on google OR we've made it easy for you to see the moves here on my blog. There will be a challenge tab with videos for each move. Notice number of sets and reps! If you're a beginner this may be enough for you come the end of the month, but add this along to your regular exercise. If you're advanced and this is too east, hold weights while doing these exercises!

💕MAKE SURE YOU TAKE BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS AND MEASUREMENTS!!!!!! If you do BOTH parts of the challenge, you're gonna see results!!! 💕

Summer is almost here for some of us...this will help you be confident in a bikini and look your best 👙 comment below if you're doing the challenge and tag your competition photos with #madnesschallenge 🙈




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